Little Ruby at Forest Park in Springfield MA

Little Ruby at Forest Park in Springfield MA

How it works


So, you've seen my work on the web or TV, or at your friend's home and would like to get more information... Go ahead and contact me via email or phone at the bottom of this screen, or just use the Contact Me button.  We will set up a phone (or in-person) consultation to go over few basics and schedule an in-person meet.  When we get together, we will explore your vision and what products you had in mind, as well as what I offer to my clients.  We will decide on the location for the photo shoot and some possible dates that work for both of us.  Once we have agreed on the date, I will email you a standard photography agreement that will need to be signed and emailed back to me.  You will also pay Retainer at this time. 

While you wait for the session, I also suggest that you go around your home and try to envision where you would want to display your art from the Session.  Take a standard size piece of paper, tape it to that wall (or walls) and take a quick snapshot, and email it to me at  

Choosing a great location is very important, but luckily there are plenty of beautiful spots around Western Massachusetts or nearby Connecticut towns.  No, we do live in New England, and all know all too well how the weather can change! No worries, if the forecast shows rain or snow, we will reschedule the session for another day!  Most of my sessions are scheduled for the late afternoons and early evenings to ensure the most beautiful light. 

There are also some surprises along the way, but I am not going to tell you what those are now! 


I will email you a reminder two days before the scheduled date; this will also give you a chance to ask any last minute questions you may have.  We meet at our chosen location and have some great time!  The session will be a fun, laid-back, laughter-filled experience while we romp and play with your pooch- after all, they are the star of the day! You should expect the photo session to last anywhere between 1.5 and 2 hours.   Please do not feed your pup dinner before the session and bring some of their favorite treats with you ( I will also bring some yummy treats, with your dog's dietary restrictions in mind).   While I will have some squeaky toys, if your dog has a favorite one- bring it too!  And no need to worry about your dog having to be off leash, most of my clients stay on a leash during the session (well, the dogs, not humans!).   Lastly, while bringing one person to help may be a good idea, too many spectators is going to be a distraction.  Unless those people are going to be in the photos, then they are welcome to join us!


About a week after the session, we will set up a Reveal and Order appointment at my home.  Before this meeting, I will review all of the photos from the photo-session and select the very best images to show you (usually around 30).   I will prepare few of the portraits with my artistry to show you what the final product would look like (all of the portraits purchased are fully edited).  We will sit together, sip some wine or coffee, eat some yummy snacks (chocolate covered strawberries are my favorites!), and view the portraits.  For many customers, this is an emotion-filled experience, so I usually do have some tissue on hand...You will get to see the images on the big screen and decide on what products you want to order, and place the order after viewing.  I offer a variety of products to display the beautiful artwork we create during the session - from classic and modern canvases, to  gorgeous acrylics, albums, and beautiful archival prints. 


About 3-4 weeks after you make your final choices (time may vary slightly based on the type of custom artwork you order)  we will meet again because your completely custom and gorgeous new collection of images of your pooch will be ready for you to pick up!  I can also deliver it to your home if you live in the area.  You may need those tissues again...but it will be nothing but happy tears!